Watch Video: “How big is yours?” Isa Guha made lewd remarks during cricket match, needs to be punished

Sydney Thunder faced Maxwell-led Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League on 12 December. It was a home game for the Thunder and was held at the Sydney Showdown Stadium. Glenn Maxwell won the toss and decided to bowl first. His choice proved to be right as the Stars managed to secure a one-sided victory. In the middle of the partnership, the game’s commentary panel began discussing spin-bowling and the art of carrom balls. Isa Guha and Adam Gilchrist listened intently as their fellow commentators listened carefully to what a carrom-ball helps to bowl one.

Pointing to Guha, he said this, “The spin bowling coaching clinic where the head coach has said, you all know… you just show me your bowler’s hands. The boy or child with the longest middle finger will be identified as a potential carrom-bowler.”

Just as you are misinterpreting the word Madhyama while reading, Isa Guha did the same. Then patting fellow commentator on his elbow, Isa Guha asked, “How big is yours??”

Now the ruckus started from here. For some people it was funny. To some, it was an obscenity. By the way, it was obscenity because if a boy showed this soft sexuality, then an attempt would be made to destroy him by speaking good and bad.

For example, take the case of Chris Gayle. “Don’t smile baby!”, Chris Gayle was dropped from the team for saying so much. Chris Gayle had to pay this price for saying this to a journalist. Imagine what would happen if a man asked “how big is yours”.

Those who spread soft sexuality need to be avoided. The obscenity that is being danced in the name of plastic sexuality is not acceptable from anywhere, even if the matter is not private.

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