Big Breaking: ICC made a big change in the rules of T20 cricket, know what changed

Now ICC has made a big change in T20 cricket, And this change will not be right from the bowler’s point of view because now the bowlers are going to come in this format.

Although bowlers are always seen running away from the batsmen in T20 cricket, now the ICC has made a big change by bringing another big rule.  Now the ICC has changed its rule and said that now in this format too, the brunt of the slow over-rate will have to be borne.

Actually, now in T20 cricket, there will be a drink after the end of half the innings and these new rules have been implemented with immediate effect.  And these new ones will be applicable in the upcoming T20 series between West Indies and Ireland.

Actually, according to the new rules of the ICC, now the team that bowls the slow over will be punished.  In these circumstances clause, 13.8 will be deemed to be in contravention. The ICC said in a statement that “indeed, the over rate rules are laid down in the Circumstances of Section 13.8 which determines the conditions for a fielding team to bowl the first ball of the last over of the innings until the specified or rescheduled time”. should be in…

The ICC further stated that “if they are not in such a position, at least one fielder shall be permitted outside the 30 yard circle for the remaining overs of the innings. Penalties during the match shall be included in addition to the slow over-rate restrictions in Article 2.22.”  has been done.

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