Fight between Asif Ali and Fareed Ahmed, Asif Ali almost hit Fareed with the bat after getting dismissed, Video goes viral

Pakistan cricket team defeated Afghanistan by one wicket in the Super-4 stage of the Asia Cup 2022 season. This match was played on Wednesday (September 7) at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. In the match, there was a fierce fight between the players as well as the fans.

There was a time in the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan, when there was a fight between the players. Pakistani player Asif Ali even raised the bat to kill the Afghan bowler. This whole thing was also captured in the camera, whose video is going viral.

Actually, this incident happened in the 19th over during Pakistani batting. Asif Ali hit a six off the fourth ball of fast bowler Farid Ahmed. From here, Pakistan needed 12 runs in 8 balls to win and they had only 2 wickets left. All hope was on Asif Ali, as he was the only special batsman present at the crease.

In such a situation, Asif also hit a big hit on the fifth ball of Farid’s over, but he could not send the ball across the boundary and was caught out in the middle. After this, the Afghan bowler celebrated a little aggressively with joy, but Asif Ali was shocked by this. He even raised his bat to kill Farid with one hand while removing him.

But in the meantime, the umpire and other players came in the middle and defended. Other players and the umpire separated the two players. The fight was so aggressive that even Hasan Ali, who was sitting in the dugout, had come to the rescue in the field.

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