Rohit Sharma doesn’t even care to hear Arshdeep Singh, fans blaming Rohit for this behaviour to youngster

Team India has lost in another match in the Asia Cup 2022. Although not for sure, but it should be admitted that the journey of the Indian team in the Asia Cup 2022 is over now. Team India is going to become the first team to be eliminated from the Super 4 of the Asia Cup. Now the Indian team has a match against Afghanistan on 8 September. After this all the players will come back to India from Dubai. After two consecutive defeats, now questions have started being raised on captain Rohit Sharma too. Meanwhile, a video of Rohit Sharma is becoming very viral on social media, in which when fast bowler Arshdeep Singh talks to the captain about fielding in the last over of the match, he does not even listen to him. On this, people are criticizing Rohit Sharma on social media.

Arshdeep Singh has faced a lot of criticism for the last two to three days. When Team India was playing a match against Pakistan in Super 4, Asif Ali missed a match with Arshdeep Singh, after which he was trolled on Twitter. However, this catch proved to be very expensive for India and after getting life, Asif Ali gave Pakistan that match. Captain Rohit Sharma gave the last over to Arshdeep Singh against Pakistan, after that against Sri Lanka, the captain handed over the responsibility to Arshdeep. Arshdeep Singh had to save seven runs in the last over. However, before this Bhuvneshwar Kumar gave 14 runs in his last and 19th over of the innings, making Arshdeep Singh’s job very difficult. Even after this, Arshdeep Singh gave his whole life to save the match. He consistently bowled yorkers in front of the Sri Lankan batsmen, due to which the batsmen were unable to play big strokes. But Team India lost in the match on the fifth ball.

Rohit Sharma did not listen to Arshdeep Singh

A video of this last over has gone viral on social media. When Arshdeep Singh is talking to captain Rohit Sharma about fielding, then Rohit Sharma does not even listen to Arshdeep’s whole thing and turns his face away. This video is going viral on social media since losing the match. People are saying that at least Rohit Sharma should have listened to his bowler, maybe after some changes in the fielding, the match would have come in India’s hands. Although Rohit Sharma scored 72 runs in 41 balls in the match, people did not like Rohit for not talking to his bowler.

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