Watch Video: Rohit Sharma out or not-out? fans slam umpire after his controversial dismissal

The condition of umpiring that has been seen in IPL 2022 has probably not been seen in any season before this. The pattern of this poor umpiring was also seen in the match between Mumbai and Kolkata when captain Rohit Sharma was given out in the very first over of Mumbai’s innings.

Mumbai Indians

Actually, Tim Southee was doing the first over of Mumbai’s innings and the last ball of this over hit the Thai pad passing close to Rohit’s bat and then went into the gloves of wicketkeeper Sheldon Jackson. Jackson made a confident appeal but the umpire gave a not out when KKR captain Shreyas Iyer decided to take a review.

Fans of Mumbai Indians and Rohit believe that their captain was done in by a poor piece of umpiring.

Rohit Sharma

When the third umpire saw the ultras, there was mischief even before the ball and bat contacted and when the ball was passing through the bat, there was also a spike seeing this, the third umpire Bruce Oxenford gave Rohit out. Finding himself out, Rohit looked unhappy and nodded his head. At the same time, Mumbai coach Mahela Jayawardene also did not believe that Rohit had been given out. Watch Video-

However, when the replays were watched closely, the ball was far away from the bat and there was no contact at all. Seeing this sight, fans got furious on social media and started trolling umpire Bruce Oxenford. During this, the fans also started saying that Oxenford should be banned from the IPL itself. Now the incident of the match’s video becoming viral on the social platform.

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