WATCH VIDEO: Pollard made a mistake, hit the ball on the stomach of the umpire, Rohit also couldn’t stop laugh

In the 56th match of IPL 2022, Kolkata Knight Riders has set a target of 166 runs to register victory in front of Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians’ star all-rounder Kieron Pollard also bowled during Kolkata’s innings, although he did not get any wicket, but in the meantime a funny incident happened, whose video is now going viral on social media.

In fact, during the 10th over of Kolkata’s innings, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma handed over the responsibility of bowling to Kieron Pollard. Pollard hit a boundary on the very first ball of his over, after which he was seen to bowl with great care. Meanwhile, Pollard was bowling the fifth ball of the over, but it slipped from his hand and went straight to the stomach of the umpire standing at the non-striker’s end.

This incident was very funny, after which all the players including the umpire standing on the ground could not stop laughing and were seen laughing. During this, MI captain Rohit Sharma was also seen smiling and a smile appeared on the face of the umpire. After this incident, Pollard was also caught on camera apologizing to the umpire.

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