IPL 2022: Mumbai Indians out of playoff due to this player, furious fans raised the demand for retirement

Mumbai Indians have won over Gujarat Titans by 5 runs. With this win, it was only the second win for Mumbai this year. Mumbai’s team, which was already out before the playoffs, showed a great match against Gujarat. After the achievement of Mumbai, a player of this team is facing people’s anger badly. People also raised a demand to keep this player outside of the team or this player should take retirement from the cricket.

People were furious at this player from Mumbai

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians team may have got a victory against Gujarat, but people are furious with the team’s deadly all-rounder Kieron Pollard. Pollard has flopped badly again he failed with his bat against Gujarat and also against Kkr, scored only 4 runs with 14 balls then get out by rash is khan. so far in the entire tournament, not a single such innings have been seen with Pollard’s bat, which has crossed Mumbai’s line. The result was that Mumbai’s team was the first to be out of the race for the playoffs.

Demand for retirement

Pollard’s performance has been very bad in IPL 2022. This legendary all-rounder has scored only 129 runs in 10 matches played in the season. At the same time in bowling, he has taken only 4 wickets which are showing less decent performance. Everyone is angry to see this type of performance by Kieron Pollard. People also raised a demand that as soon as possible Pollard should take retirement from cricket. At the same time, many types of social media tweets and comments go viral on this all-rounder

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