A review prevented Delhi Capitals from going to the playoffs, Watch Video

The match between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians was going to decide the fourth team of this season which can qualify for the playoffs and the Mumbai team won the match by 5 wickets to make Royal Challengers Bangalore qualify for the playoff.

Risabh Pant

There were a lot of ups and downs in this match, which was going to stop the heartbeat of all the cricket fans.  The biggest game-changing moment of this match, which Delhi’s fan and Delhi captain Rishabh Pant will never be able to forget. That moment was Rishabh Pant not taking a review on the possibility of Team David getting out on the very first ball.

In fact, after the fall of Dewald Brevish’s wicket, when Team David came to bat, on his very next ball, the ball hit the edge of Team David’s bat and fell into the hands of Rishabh Pant.  The umpire gave it a note out and Rishabh Pant along with the bowler was not sure about it and did not take a review.

Here is the video:

This one decision turned the match upside down as it was later discovered that the ball had hit Team David’s bat.  After this, Team David batted stormily and snatched the dream of going to the playoffs this season from the hands of Delhi.  Team David scored 34 runs in 11 balls and helped RCB reach the playoffs.

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