Watch Video: 129 killed, several injured in stampede at football match after riot in Indonesia

On Saturday, 127 people have died during heavy violence in Indonesia. It is being told that this violence took place during a football match. Many videos of this incident are going viral on social media.

In this violence, the fans have also attacked many players and also attacked the security personnel. Although the security personnel were also lathi-charging and firing tear gas shells, but still the crowd was huge due to which it was difficult to control.

what is the whole matter

According to reports, a match was going on between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya on Saturday. In such a situation, Arema’s team lost, due to which the fans got very angry and in anger started running towards the field in large numbers. Many videos of this violence have also come to the fore in which fans have been seen committing violence. Not only this, it is also claimed that the fans started attacking the players as soon as they entered the field and started throwing things at the security personnel present there.

Death due to assault, stampede and suffocation, 180 injured

In the preliminary investigation, it has been revealed that the cause of death was assault, stampede and suffocation. It is said that a large number of people created chaos there, due to which it has been known. At the same time, it is also coming to the fore that among those who have died, two policemen are also included.

About 180 people have also been reported injured in this violence, who are being treated in nearby hospitals. Speaking on this, East Java Police Officer Nico Afinta said that only 34 people died in the stadium, the rest died after going to the hospital.

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