Aakash Chopra selected the best 5 Test batter of the year 2021, kept this legendary batsman at the first position

Amid many joys and many sorrows, finally the year 2021 is also going to say goodbye. Apart from the Corona crisis, amid much happy news, counting days are left for the end of this year.

This year was one of ups and downs for world cricket, where many players got a lot of enthusiasm, while some players were particularly disappointed with their performance. In the midst of all this, now this year’s assessment has also started.

2021 is going to say goodbye, whose countdown has started, while in the meantime, cricket experts are now assessing the performance of players according to different formats this year.

In this episode, former India cricketer Aakash Chopra has also started his assessment, in which he has named the 5 best Test batsmen of this year. Virat Kohli’s name is missing in this list of Aakash Chopra.

In the 5 best batsmen selected by Aakash Chopra in this year’s Test format, he has placed England’s Test captain Joe Root at the first position. Joe Root has scored the most runs this year, having scored 1544 runs in 14 Test matches. He was the only batsman to reach 1000 runs in Tests this year.

After this Aakash Chopra placed India’s legendary batsman Rohit Sharma at number two. Talking about Rohit Sharma’s performance this year, he scored 906 runs in 11 matches at an average of 48.

Aakash Chopra placed his best Test batsmen Rishabh Pant at number three, Lahiru Thirimanne of Sri Lanka at number four, and Pakistan batsman Fawad Alam at number five. Pant scored 706 runs in 11 matches played this year, while Thirimanne’s bat scored 659 runs in 7 matches this year. Talking about Fawad Alam, he did not make 571 in 9 matches this year.

Even though Aakash Chopra picked the best 5 Test batsmen of the year, the most surprising thing was that he did not choose Karunaratne, who is the third-highest run-scorer this year, scoring 902 runs in 7 matches.

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