5 great cricketers who have no haters around the world, who is your favorite player?

Pro Cricket News: The game of cricket has its craze all over the world. Although this game is played only in a limited number of countries, fans who like it are all over the world. We got to see some such players playing this game, who will find people who like them everywhere because of their game and their great sportsmanship. These players are such that it is very difficult to hate and this is the reason why they are also liked by cricket fans around the world.

There have also been many cricketers who have been disliked all over the world. Players get people’s support because of their on-field conventions and play. Some players like this become everyone’s choice and wherever they go, the audience fully supports them. In this article, we are going to mention 5 such players, who have no heaters in this world.

5 Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who retired from international cricket in 2020, is said to be a team man, and his witty nature is liked by fellow players as well as the audience. Dhoni has a separate and mass fan base in the country. A million youngsters obey his ideology and all over the world he is well known as ‘The Finishers’.

4 Adam Gilchrist:

Former Australia wicket-keeper batsman, Adam Gilchrist, may have been known for his aggressive batting style on the field, but off the field, he is a very calm and ideal person. Gilchrist earned his fans across the world with his batting and wicketkeeping. Gilchrist showed sportsmanship several times inside the field and he went to the pavilion after the umpire did not give the decision on getting out. There is no dearth of fans of Gilchrist in India and this player has acted as a role model for many wicket-keeper batsmen.

3 Chris Gayle:

Everyone is familiar with the witty and cool nature of the legendary West Indies batsman Chris Gayle. Along with hitting big sixes inside the field, Gayle is seen joking with fellow players and sometimes even with opponents in some way or the other. Even off the field, Gayle lives in a fun-filled style. This is the reason why the number of people who like this player is quite high.

2 Kane Williamson:

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has garnered a huge fan following in world cricket with his excellent batting but he has always put the interest of the team before himself. They contribute in some way or the other for benefit of him. Williamson is also well-liked in India and gets a lot of support during the tournament.

1 AB de Villiers:

Former South African batsman AB de Villiers is very much liked by supporters across the world. De Villiers’ batting inside the field is liked by all and the way he plays creative shots, his style is very much liked by the audience. De Villiers is one of the most loved players in India. This player has always maintained the dignity of the game and has won the hearts of the audience by giving his best performance.

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