Why China Doesn’t Play Cricket? You Will Be Surprised To Know These 3 Reasons

In terms of technology, China is far ahead of many countries around the world. China is very interested in global sports, but in the case of cricket, this country is absolutely lagging. This country neither plays cricket nor people like this game, but do you know the reason?

Reason Behind China not Playing Cricket

Actually, China has always been a supporter of the Olympics and it also works hard for the Games to be held in the Olympics. This is the reason why Chinese players always win the most medals in the Olympics. Since cricket is not a part of the Olympics, this country does not give much importance to this sport.

The second reason behind China not playing cricket is that China was never colonized by the British. Countries that play cricket have been part of the British colony at one time or another. Even though cricket is not played here, but the people of China are considered to be the best in sports like badminton, table tennis. These sports are part of the Olympics.

Since cricket is not a global sport. It is played in only a few countries of the world, while China also wants to make its mark around the world through sports. This is also one of the reasons why the people of China do not like cricket much.

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However, now the ICC is promoting cricket in China as well. In January this year, a T20 tournament was organized, in which China’s women’s team also participated, but in the match she made a shameful record, which no cricket team would want to break.

In fact, in the T20 cricket tournament played in Bangkok, the Chinese women’s team was bundled out for just 14 runs. This is the lowest score in any international match in terms of women’s and men’s T20. China played this match against the United Arab Emirates.

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